Erosion Control Cylinders

Erosion Control Cylinders or ‘Soil Sausages’ are compost-filled tubes that have proven to be an effective solution for erosion control while facilitating new vegetation growth for a permanent run-off protection solution. The cylinders, once installed, will act as immediate silt barriers and will prevent/reduce water erosion whilst the vegetation establishes and also during heavy rainfall episodes. Water easily passes through the cylinder, leaving silt and sediment behind.

Components of Erosion Control Cylinders

The ‘Netlon’ is a UV protected cylinder (can be supplied without UV Protection) that will outlast the filler material over time (typically 3-5 years). The tubes can also be biodegradable (6 months) or photodegradable (6 months).

Topographical Flexibility of Erosion Control Cylinders

The cylinders are installed; horizontally to the contours of embankments at specified intervals (Typically 0.5 m – 1.5 m between rows) and secured with wooden and/or steel pegs at approximately 300 to 500 mm spacing. Erosion control cylinders are ideal for new construction, storm water run-offs, erosion and sediment control, washout areas, bank stabilisation or anywhere the landscape has been disrupted. Erosion control cylinders can be cut easily to any desired length and conforms to any terrain.

Advantages of Erosion Control Cylinders over Strip Sodding

Erosion control cylinders offer a viable and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of strip sodding used for slope stabilisation; strip sodding requires water during establishment and 9 out of 10 times the section between the sodded rows will erode.

Benefits associated with Erosion Control Cylinders:
  • Reduces slope lengths and retards water flow;
  • Diminishes storm water run-off pollution by capturing sediment;
  • Enhances re-vegetation of denuded slopes;
  • Prevents early stage rill and gully development by reducing sheet erosion;
  • Impedes sediment transport into waterways;
  • Conserves water, no need for follow-up irrigation after installation.
Types of Cylinders

Erosion control cylinders vary in diameter and can also be pre-seeded with selected seed – In this case the whole ‘soil sausage’ will ‘sprout’ after the rains and leave an aesthetically pleasing impression on rehabilitated slopes.