Cost-effective solution for promoting germination and inhibiting soil erosion.
Sustainable solutions for preventing and controlling wind or water erosion.
Holistically restoring nature to its natural biodiversity.
Thabakholo Seeds (Pty) Ltd supply locally harvested, cultivated & non-cultivated, indigenous seeds of a broad variety.
An effective and unique erosion control agent.

Emulating Nature... Protecting Biodiversity

    Thabakholo Environmental
Solutions offer integrated environmental engineering solutions that are practical, sustainable and cost-effective. Our extraordinary passion for the environment and all things green is showcased through the holistic approach we take towards protecting biodiversity. We are experts in the field of hydroseeding and environmental rehabilitation and we pride ourselves in consistently providing outstanding service and solutions for our customers and the environment alike.


Hydroseeding is a sophisticated planting process, using water-based slurry to establish vegetation or turf grass on large and/or inaccessible areas where erosion control, dust pollution, land reclamation, environmental rehabilitation and aesthetics are priorities. Read more...

Erosion Control
Erosion, Sediment & Dust Control Measures is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion on mines, developments and construction sites.The most common methods used are structural, (installation of erosion control products) and vegetation, (active planting and restoring of indigenous vegetation). Erosion control blankets, erosion control cylinders, erosion control cylinder-blankets, vetiver grass, wind breaks, silt fences and dust, sediment & erosion control agents are all effective erosion control techniques that prevent soil loss. Read more...

Environmental Restoration (Land reclamation)
Environmental Restoration (Land reclamation) is a holistic approach that begins with the end in mind. It involves a combination of solutions and products to attain the results needed. Our restoration services include: veld-specific (bioregions) reclamation, coastal dune rehabilitation, fynbos rehabilitation, succulent and Nama-Karoo veld rehabilitation and wetland rehabilitation, among others. Read more...

Grass Seeds
Thabakholo Seeds (Pty) Ltd are locally harvested, cultivated & non-cultivated, indigenous seeds of a broad variety. Due to growing demand, the operation is constantly expanding, reflecting the growing global ecological awareness to safeguard our natural resources. Read more...

Vetiver Grass
Vetiver grass is a unique and practical solution for erosion control, soil stabilisation, water conservation, water disaster mitigation and pollution control among various other uses. Unlike most grasses, Vetiver roots grow vertically in close-growing culms which stabilise the soil and prevent the run-off of surface water. Read more...

Exotic Invasive Species Control
Exotic Invasive Species Control is important to reduce negative impacts on the ecosystem. Early detection and action is vital in any management plan. Weed management decisions vary according to plant life cycles, infestation size, environmental parameters and management objectives. Read more...

Site Assessment
The purpose of our assessment is to ensure that all essential information is considered, ensuring the process of identifying, evaluating and synthesizing the data, before major decisions are taken and commitments made. Read more...

Vegetation Rescue and Protection (Search & Rescue)
Vegetation Rescue & Protection (Search & Rescue) is part of our quest to maintain the natural biodiversity of areas that will be disturbed by mining, development or construction sites. Our process involves the identification of the endemic/indigenous vegetation including protected plant species within the impacted area, focusing on vegetation that diversifies the environment. Thereafter, the plants are removed and transplanted to non-impacted areas near the project or stored until such time that they can be replanted. Read more...


Erosion Control Blanket

  Environmental Restoration (Land Reclamation)

  Grass Seeds

Vetiver Grass
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